Intern & Trainee

Intern Program length: up to 12 months
  • Currently enrolled & pursuing a degree,
  • or certificate at post secondary academic institution outside the U.S.,
  • or Graduated from an institution outside the U.S. no more than 12 months prior to Internship Program start date
  • Verifiable English language skills

Program length: up to 18 months, with the exception of Tourism & Hospitality, only 12 months.

  • Learned a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. AND have at least 1 year of related work experience in occupational field acquired outside the U.S., or
  • 5 years of work experience outside the U.S. in occupational field
  • Verifiable English language skills

Returning to the U.S. for a second or repeat Intern or Trainee Program: Second or Repeat Intern or Trainee INFO