Check Into SEVIS

As soon as your program begins (DS-2019 start date) and you have arrived in the U.S., you must update your U.S. home address and Host Company address with SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). AAG requires that you check in with SEVIS within 3 days of your DS-2019 start date.


Locate your AAG ID and DS-2019 number and follow the instructions. If you cannot locate these numbers, please contact your Outreach Coordinator. Make sure to enter both your U.S. home address and your Host Company address. When entering your U.S home address, don’t forget to enter your Apartment/Room number if applicable. You will see a “confirmed” message once your SEVIS Check-In is complete. Thanks for your cooperation!



You cannot register with SEVIS until the start date on your DS-2019 form. You cannot register with SEVIS until after you have arrived in the U.S.


Failure to register with SEVIS may have serious negative consequences for your visa program.

You must wait up to 10 business days after registering with SEVIS, before applying for a Social Security Card. If you do not register in SEVIS as soon your DS-2019 date arises, it will delay your ability to apply for and receive your Social Security card. To learn more about Social Security application process, please click here

Keep us up to date! Remember to inform us of any changes to your address, email or phone number. You MUST update AAG within 10 days if you change your U.S home address at any time during the program.