Social Security


1. After registering with SEVIS, wait at least 10 business days to apply for your Social Security Card.

2. Find your local Social Security Office.

3. Take the following documents to your local Office. You must present original documents and 1 copy of each of the documents listed below:

  • Social Security Application Form. Please make sure to provide your Host Company address as the mailing address where to mail your Social Security card.
  • Your Electronic I-94 print out
  • Passport
  • DS-2019
  • Sponsor Letter
  • Training plan (DS-7002) applies to Intern/Trainee participants only
  • Birth certificate or official picture ID that is at least 1 year old

4. Keep your application receipt and show it to your Host Company.

Please make sure to apply for Social Security at the beginning of your program.  If you apply in the last month of your program, your application will be rejected.

Your Card is issued by the local Social Security Administration.

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