Travel Validation

You are able to travel outside the United States while on your program. However, there is Travel Validation process that is necessary to follow before you can leave the country.

1. Check your visa expiration date

Please note that your Visa expiration date may be different from your DS-2019 end date. You must have a valid visa at the time of your re-entry to the US. Contact the US Embassy in your home country to inquire about renewing the visa stamp in your passport.

2. Check your visa to see if you have a multiple entries visa

Check your visa to see how many times you can enter the U.S. You can see these by viewing what is written in the “entries” category on your visa. You may see a 1, 2 or M in this category.

  • Indicates a single entry visa. If your visa is a single entry, you will not be permitted to reenter the U.S. once you leave. Therefore,you cannot travel internationally while participating in your visa program.
  • Indicates you are permitted to enter the U.S. twice while on your visa program.
  • Indicates a multiple entries visa. You can see an example of a multiple entries (M) visa in the picture below.

Multiple Entries: If you have a multiple entries visa (2 or M), please follow the instructions below. There is always a small chance that you will not be permitted to reenter the U.S. However, if you go within the dates of your DS-2019 form and follow the procedure below, you will most likely not have any problems.


 3. AAG will need a confirmation e-mail from your Host Company

AAG will need an email from your host company. The email must say you have permission to be gone during the dates of your trip and that you have a position to come back to upon your return.

Please ask your supervisor to email AAG at AAG suggests you bring a signed letter on company letterhead containing this information with you while you travel.


  1. You must send the following documents to AAG. We strongly recommend when mailing your documents, you request a tracking number and delivery confirmation.  For that purpose, we advise using FedEx or UPS service to mail your documents to AAG


  • Your ORIGINAL  DS-2019 to be authorized for international travel.
  • A PRE-PAID, SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE, so we can return your documents to you. It is highly recommended that you use Fedex or UPS for this return shipping.
  • A short LETTER summarizing where you will be travelling, why you are going and the dates that you will be out of the country.
  • The mailing address for AAG is:

You should mail these materials to AAG 3 to 4 weeks before you plan to travel so there is enough time to complete the process and return your DS-2019 to you. Please remember that you will not be permitted reentry to the U.S. if you do not have the DS-2019 form authorized for international travel.

Safe travels!