Ski Insurance

ski insuranceAAG strongly encourages all Intern/Trainee participants to have Ski insurance if you are working at a Ski Resort or are planning to Ski during or after your program. Your medical insurance through Bulstrad does not include Ski coverage, so if you were to get hurt while skiing, you would be responsible for the full cost of all bills associated with the injury, which can be thousands of dollars.

Any injuries sustained under the following circumstances will not be covered, even if you have purchased Ski Insurance

  • Injuries sustained while skiing/snowboarding under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Injuries sustained while skiing/snowboarding off trails
  • Injuries sustained while performing jumps, stunts, aerials, half-pipes, moguls, racing or operating outside of any designated boundaries

Ski Insurance during your Intern/Trainee program (DS-2019 dates) is available to you for $20 per month.
You can only purchase ski insurance for the entire month (cannot be prorated).

Example 1: if you are going on a Skiing Trip for one week in March, you would need to pay $20 for the entire month of March.
Example 2: If you are working at a Ski Resort, you will want to be covered for entire program. If your program is from December 20th – March 10th, you will need to purchase 4 months of Ski Insurance and your total cost will be $80.

Ski Insurance before or after your Intern/Trainee program (DS-2019) end date is available to you for $80 per month.
This includes Ski Insurance ($20) + Travel Insurance ($60) = $80/month.  You must purchase this insurance at least 2 weeks before your
DS-2019 end date.
Note: Ski Insurance needed before or after your program will automatically include Health Insurance. You cannot purchase Ski Insurance separately.

In order to sign up for Ski/Ski+Travel insurance, please download and fill out Insurance Request Form  You will need to submit the filled out form to Alliance Abroad Group at: at least 2 weeks before you would like the coverage to begin.

Upon receipt of your completed form, AAG will sign you up for the insurance option that you indicated on the form.