Step 1: Orientation Videos
Step 2: Important Documents
Step 3: Presentations
Step 4: Acknowledgement Form

As a designated J-1 Visa Sponsor, it is our responsibility to provide program orientation to all program participants. This mandatory orientation is designed to familiarize you with information on program regulations, important laws and safety tips, customs and other useful information. This information is intended to help you make the most of your time in the United States.

Step One: Please View Orientation Videos

Step Two: Download and Review these Important Documents

Step Three: View Presentations




Step Four: Complete the Orientation Acknowledgement Form

Summer Work Travel Exchange Visitors ONLY

please click here to complete Orientation Acknowledgement form in your portal:

Summer Work Travel Orientation Form

Intern/Trainee and Teach

Online Orientation Acknowledgement Form 2019

    You are required to review ALL of the information above provided to you as part of Alliance Group orientation. If you missed something, we strongly encourage you to return and review all of the information again. Your orientation is not complete until you confirm that you have received and reviewed ALL of the information.