Traveling in The United States

You have finished your program or internship and may want to see more of the United States. America is a big country and offers many types of experiences depending on your interests. Some participants want to visit our major cities like New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles and others want to explore our many mountain ranges, seaside communities, national parks or natural wonders. Whatever your interests, we want your travel experiences to be safe and enjoyable and for you to make a positive impact to those you meet along your journey.


It is advisable to purchase additional travel insurance as your program insurance expires one day after your DS-2019 end date.

To purchase additional travel insurance for the period that you will remain in the U.S. after your official program end date, please contact your Outreach Coordinator or email [email protected] at least 3 weeks prior to your DS-2019 end date.

Travel Smart and Safely

Please be careful and prudent during your travels. It is a good idea to provide an itinerary of your travel plans to a friend or family member and be sure to check in with someone regularly.

Review the safety information previously provided and protect yourself and your personal belongings.

Share Your Travel Experiences

Take us with you! At least take us with you virtually by sharing your travel experiences with other program participants. If you use social media to chronicle or blog about your travels, please be sure to tag AAG. We’d love to share any of your photos on our website and on our official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The more we all share our travels, the more all of us benefit.