review important information

Job Offer/Training Offer

Your Job/Training offer letter has a lot of important information. Please review it in its entirety and pay careful attention to:

  • Program dates
  • Job description
  • Pay and hours
  • Host Company requirements
  • Housing information
  • Arrival instructions

If you have any difficulty understanding instructions and information provided to you in the Job/Training Offer Letter, please contact Alliance Abroad Group at [email protected]

Intern/Trainee: DS-7002 (Training Plan)

As an Intern or Trainee program participant, you are required to have a training plan that outlines specific phases of your training during your J1 program.

Please make sure that you review your Training Plan and know what to expect during your training.

During your J1 program it is your responsibility to review your Training Plan often and alert Alliance Abroad Group at any point if you have questions or concerns about your training.


Bring enough money to pay all applicable housing fees upon arrival Unless stated otherwise, you will be required to pay Deposit and 1st month’s rent upon arrival.In some instances, you will be required to pay these before you arrive in the US (please check with your agency). You will not be able to move into your housing if you do not have money to cover your deposit, 1st month’s rent and housing application/processing fee (when applicable). When budgeting your finances, please keep in mind that AAG recommends that you bring at least $1000.00 US dollars to cover the cost of your housing.

Submit any changes to your housing address to AAG within 10 days Your SEVIS record must accurately report your address while in the United States. If you are approved to change your housing during your program, you are required to update AAG with your new address within 10 days. Contact your AAG Outreach Coordinator to receive the approval and further instructions.

Housing Reminders
Housing Resources

Housing Options

Please refer to the Job Offer Letter for the type of housing selected or provided.

This means that YOU are responsible to locate and secure your own housing for the duration of program (see Housing Resources on the left). However, AAG must review and approve your program housing prior to your arrival to the US. Please notify your agency of your housing that you secured at least 4 weeks prior to your program start date, so AAG can assure that it meets safety and other standards and approve it.

Host Company provides or assists with housing. In most cases, your rent will be deducted from your paycheck.

This means that AAG has secured the housing for you and your rent will be deducted from your paycheck accordingly.

This means that AAG has located the best housing option for this job and you must stay at this location in order to accept the job offer.


You may already know that the health care system in the United States operates much differently than it does in other countries. Please see the important insurance information, including steps you must take to correctly use your insurance and limit your out-of-pocket expenses.

Alliance Abroad recommends that prior to your departure to the U.S., you see a doctor, dentist and have an eye exam in your home country. This will ensure you are healthy and can take care of any prescriptions before the other medical coverage takes effect. If you take prescription medication, please makes sure to bring enough medication to last the duration of your program. You will need have a letter from your doctor, explaining your condition and confirming the reason for bringing any medication into the US.

Below a summary of key insurance coverage points. It is NOT a comprehensive list. Alliance Abroad is not responsible for any insurance issues, so please make sure that you understand your insurance coverage. For complete and accurate information, always contact your insurance company directly.

Risks and Medical Conditions Covered
Risks and Medical Conditions Not Covered
How To Use Your Insurance

Finances and Budgeting

It is extremely important that you have the necessary funds to support you until you receive your first paycheck. Often, this is not until 4-6 weeks after you arrive in the U.S. and start your work or intern program. The AAG Terms and Conditions clearly stipulate the importance of having enough money to live comfortably until you are paid. It may not be possible to begin working until you receive a Social Security card so having adequate money to live is essential.

Summer Work Travel Participants: AAG recommends that you bring at least $1000, plus additional money to cover your 1st month’s rent, deposit and housing application fees.

Intern/Trainee/Teach Program Participants: AAG recommends that you bring at least $1500, plus additional money to cover your 1st month’s rent, deposit and housing application fees.

Cost of Living

As a participant on an independent program, you are responsible to prepare yourself by researching the area where you will be living and working/training. The cost to live in a city is generally much higher than suburban or rural areas. Living costs vary dramatically from location to location. We highly recommend that you research the cost of living in the location that you will be working or living. There are many resources available to help you understand what to expect including this cost of living resource.

  • Ensure your financial safety, and bring at least $1,000.00/1,500.00 in cash, traveler checks or credit card.
  • Explore the cost of living expenses in your new city.
  • Learn about the average cost of Restaurants, grocery stores/markets, transportation, utilities and sports and leisure offerings by a city, state search in the United States
Universal Currency Converter

Complete Mandatory Orientation

As a designated J-1 Visa Sponsor, it is our responsibility to provide program orientation to all program participants. This mandatory orientation is designed to familiarize you with information on program regulations, important laws and safety tips, customs and other useful information.

This information is intended to help you make the most of your time in the United States.

Summer Work Travel, Intern / Trainee or Teach program

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