Instructions for completing your Mandatory Intern / Trainee Participant Pre-Departure Orientation Program

STEP 1: Watch Video Presentations
STEP 2: Review Important Documents
STEP 3: Take the Quiz


Important Notice: As a designated J-1 Visa Sponsor it is our responsibility to orientate all exchange visitors or program participants. The following presentations, reading materials, and quiz have been designed to prepare you with program regulations awareness, helpful information about life, customs and important laws in the United States as well as key safety tips.

We hope you find this information helpful as you plan for your program in the United States of America.


Part I

Part II

Part III


Review Important Orientation Documents & Resources

Review or Download a Copy of Alliance Abroad Group’s Participant Handbook (Participant Handbook)

Review or Download a Copy of the U.S. Department of State Wilberforce Brochure (current website link – Legal Rights and Protections)

Review or Download a Copy of the U.S. Department of State Advisory letter for Interns.

Review or Download a Copy of the U.S. Department of State Advisory letter for trainees,


Complete a multiple question assessment quiz for the Pre-Departure Orientation Program to acknowledge your understanding. *If you have any questions about the Pre-Departure Orientation Program process please feel free to reach out directly to your Home Country Agency or AAG by emailing us at [email protected]

Intern -Trainee – Teacher Pre-Departure Orientation Quiz

Fill out the form and answer the questions. There are a total of 36 questions. It is very important to demonstrate an understanding to the questions asked, so the next question will not appear until you answer the current question correctly. After the last question (number 36), there will be a button to submit your quiz and fulfill your Participant Orientation quiz requirement.

I certify that I have actively participated and comprehend the content of the pre-departure orientation training modules. I understand that as an AAG Participant, I am responsible for complying with the J-1 Visa Program Regulations as defined by the Department of State and presented by Alliance Abroad Group. In addition, I understand I must report any situation affecting my health, safety or welfare of J-1 participants to AAG immediately, including early or unexpected departures from the program. By typing my First & Last Name with my AAG ID number in the below boxes, I am electronically signing an Acknowledgment Form verifying that I watched all of the video content and additional reading materials provided on this page. I agree that my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this Acknowledgment Form.