Step 1: Visit website
Step 2: Enroll
Step 3: Submit Payment

As we are all experiencing unusual circumstances related to public health, we strongly recommends that you extend your program insurance if you are still in the United States.
To extend your program insurance, please follow below steps carefully:

Step One: Visit the HSL Travel Solutions website

Visit the HLP Travel Solutions website in order to start the insurance extension process

Step Two: Enroll

Select Enrollment on the left side bar then select Enroll as Individual
At the category field – select Amendment / Extension
Fill in all of the other information on the page and submit

Step Three: Submit Payment

HLP Travel Solutions will send you an e-mail with a quote for your insurance extension

Once you accepted the quotation you will receive an invoice to make payment

Please send your proof of payment to [email protected]

Once the payment is complete and you have sent your proof of payment, HLP will activate your extension.

You will then receive your updated documents with the new insurance details.

If you have any questions,  email

[email protected], [email protected] or

visit the website to chat with someone.

Office hours are from 8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday thru Friday (GMT +6)