The end of school is quickly approaching and we at AAG hope that you have enjoyed a successful school year. As you are preparing for the end of the school year, we’d like to remind you that it is time to complete your annual renewal process.

Please continue scrolling down to see important information including payment and document upload instructions.


Alliance Abroad must receive all documents and the $1000 renewal payment no later than April 30th, 2021.

Renewal Documents Required

A document describing how you have fulfilled the cultural exchange components of the program during your 2021-2022 school year. There are two parts (see below) of the Cross Cultural Activity Report so please include both parts in your submission. Please also submit at least one photo for each of the activities you are including in your report.

  • An activity for the teacher’s classroom, larger host school or host school district population, or the community at large designed to give an overview of the history, traditions, heritage, culture, economy, educational system and/or other attributes of his or her home country; and
  • An activity that involves U.S. student dialogue with schools or students in another country, preferably in the exchange teacher’s home school, through virtual exchange or other means, in order to supplement the goals of the in-person exchange.

Download the Best Practices for the Cross Cultural Activity guidelines

Download the Cross-Cultural Activity Report

Your current living address in the U.S.

You must include a copy of your insurance card and statement of benefits.

Download form here.

You must provide proof that you are on track with the certification requirements of your school and/or the state in which you teach.

Must include salary, position, campus name and address

Payment of Renewal Fee
Submitting Required Documents

Travel Validation Reminder

If you decide to travel outside of the United States during your program, you must obtain permission from your school (if not during school break) and get your DS-2019 endorsed for travel by Alliance Abroad Group. Alliance Abroad Group needs to receive your DS-2019 document in our office at least 3 weeks prior to intended travel date. For more information about travel validation process, please see the Alliance Abroad website.

o   If planning to travel outside of the United States, please be sure to check the admission requirements to the country you are intending to travel and back to the United States.

o   As of January 2021, the United States requires all visitors travelling from abroad to present a COVID-19 test with a negative result at the moment of boarding. The inability to present this can result on not being able to return back to the United States.

o   If you are unable to return to the United States and you are unable to report back to your District, please keep in mind that your program might be at risk.


Travel Validation: No Travel Validation will be issued for summer travel until your renewal has been completed.

J2 Applications: Any new J2 application will not be processed until your renewal has been completed.

Transferring Schools: AAG considers transfers on case by case basis and will carefully examine the reasons for the transfer before granting approval. All transfer inquiries should be directed to your Outreach Coordinator on the Support team. If you are unaware of how to contact your Outreach Coordinator, you can email [email protected]

Email Communication:  Please check and respond to all communications from AAG within 24 hours.  After 3 unsuccessful attempts to reach you, AAG will consider you out of compliance with Sponsor requirements and will move forward to shortening your program in SEVIS.   If you are using a gmail account, please make sure that all communication from @allianceabroad.com is delivered directly to your inbox.

Host School/School District Renewal Responsibilities: Please be advised that we are also reaching out separately to your host school to provide the following documents. Your Renewal Process will not be considered complete until your Host School has provided the below:

  • Proof of Accreditation

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