Second Job Confirmation

Thank you for submitting your request to work at a second or self-arranged job. Please note that AT THIS TIME YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO BEGIN WORKING AT A THIS JOB. Alliance Abroad Group will contact the employer directly to determine if the job complies with the regulations of the program. Then the employer must submit all required documentation to AAG before you can begin working there.

Once the employer has submitted all the required documentation to Alliance Abroad Group, we will review the documentation and inform you within 3 working days if you are authorized to begin working there. If you begin working there before you receive authorization from AAG, you are not complying with the program regulations of Summer Work & Travel and the status of your program could be at risk.

Please visit this page of our website for jobs that are not allowed in the J-1 Work & Travel Program Here.

If you have any questions or concerns at this time please email [email protected].